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World's most advanced detection equipment to ensure the production process and quality, stable and effective product development and technology Innovative technology center laboratories, industry-renowned experts mentoring. Companies pay attention to digestion and absorption of State International and domestic advanced coating technologies and processes, the products of his own design, manufacturing, better Ensure quality, better equipment manufacturers to reduce costs, operating costs, on-time delivery for our customers to do service.
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  Products are exported to many countries Russia, the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Japan, Italy and so on, we believe that as long as good quality products, fair prices, shorter delivery time these three basic,our cause will be more do bigger, more friends will pay more for the community to make greater contribution.
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        Guangdong Guanghe coating equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. The company is headquartered in Nanhai District, Foshan City, adjacent to the Taoyuan scenic spot in South China, and has branches in East China and North China.
     Main business: the company is a professional coating equipment manufacturer engaged in liquid coating, powder coating, coating peripheral equipment and whole plant equipment planning, design, sales, manufacturing, installation and service. Main powder spraying production line, liquid spraying production line, explosion-proof spraying equipment, waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment and other pollution control projects.
     Development history: in 2007, the company set foot in the coating industry with electrostatic spray gun as a breakthrough point, breaking the situation of relying on imported foreign brands for a long time in the industry. After years of experience, market and resource accumulation in coating industry, Guanghe brand was officially registered in 2014...
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Powder room equipment
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  Painting equipment There are many parts to be inseparable from the solvent and solvent.Paint is flammable and explosive materials, many parts of
  Science and technology continue to move forward, new technologies, new materials, new techniques are emerging. Electronic technology, numerical 4
  Where the use of toxic, irritant and process technology flammable substances should be placed in a separate plant, or arrange special
  Painting equipment process layout design quality, the use of coating production lines is critical. If the coating equipment process layout properly,
  High purity organic coating equipment with plate-type formation, the apparent high quality requirements, coating smooth and delicate, soft color
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  As China's economic development, and the development of coating technology abroad, through the exchange of technology and the
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